Domain Search & Registration

Whether you are considering a Top Down Level (TDL) name from the most popular extensions like .com and .net or newer domain names like .club or .guru, we can help you find the right name that will represent your brand. If your first choice for a domain has already been registered, we can also find out who is the registrant to visit the website to determine if it is in use. We will suggest alternative names you may consider that will help brand your name. For example, if the domain name is already registered, you can choose an alternate with a different ending such as .net rather than .com. or something similar such as “thebusiness” versus the “”.


  • Registering your domain name is a very important decision. Your website may be the first exposure of your business (brand) to your customer. Think of a domain name as a marketing tool.
  • Research the name. Make sure your name is not too close to someone else’s to confuse a customer or infringe on someone’s copyright.
  • Register your domain name for as long as you can to protect it.
  • Keep it brief, creative, memorable and easy to spell. Long domain names can be hard to remember and type into the browser.
  • Consider the extension. Hundreds of millions of domains are registered. The top level extensions (TDL), such as com or .net, are the most valuable. Over 100 million “.com” extensions have been registered.
  • Sometimes competitors will register your name with other extensions. Consider registering several extensions and redirect ( or point) them to the main one. Avoid numbers and special characters like hyphenated names.

You can also opt to have us help you select and register a domain name. It can be placed in our automatic renewal account so that you will be sure it is renewed promptly before the expiration date. Price varies according to the extension name such as .com.

If we have not answered all your questions about domain name search and registration, please contact us at for more information.