Hosting & Maintenance Support

What is web hosting? Web hosting is the service that makes your website available to others on the World Wide Web. A web host provides space on its server where websites reside, so that other computers around the world can access your website. How? When you type a web address (URL) into your browser, a server receives your request, finds the web page you want, and sends it back to your computer to be displayed in your web browser.

There are literally thousands of web hosting services available today, ranging from free services with limited options to expensive, specialized business web hosting services. Which option you choose depends primarily on how you plan to use your website and how much you want to spend. Our web maintenance plans start at only $14.95 per month. Both Windows and Linux platforms are available.

We take a proactive approach to your site so that you can grow your site without having to spend large lump sums of money making fixes. All our plans come with automated backups, security checks and applicable updates (such as Word Press or other CMS sites).

Our hosting and maintenance plans.

Why should I have a maintenance plan for my web site?  So your site can grow without having to spend more than you budgeted to make fixes. Word Press (and other content management systems) and plugin updates are not “fail proof”, especially if you are not updating your web site as new versions are released. The point of having a maintenance plan in place is to stay ahead of these issues by ensuring updates are made in a timely manner.

Who will maintain the website? You may choose to maintain your own web site. It is recommended that you have some experience with HTML, CSS, CMS and other elements used to create your web site. Or you may choose one of our maintenance plans that is designed to keep your website content fresh and relevant. If an issue arises and we don’t catch it, contact us immediately and we will work quickly to resolve it. Our web maintenance plans start at only $39.00 per month for one hour of maintenance each month. (Maintenance time is not accumulative.)

Email us at for more information about our hosting and maintenance plans.