Private Tutoring

Whether you have some basic computer knowledge or none at all, it is possible to create and manage your own website.

It is estimated that website content management systems (WordPress for example) may power about 20% of the websites that you see every day.  It’s a powerful platform that can be used for simple blogs or complex business sites.  To get the most out of your WordPress site you need individualized instruction.  Let me help you get the most out of your site, and make your public site the best it can be.

We also offer tutoring on various topics. A few examples are listed below.

  • General Computer Skills
  • Adobe Dreamweaver Suite
  • Microsoft Office Products
  • WordPress (including installation and setup of Themes and Plugins)

If you follow our steps during the tutoring process you will find it is not that difficult to find your way around.

We can offer one-on-one private tutoring in the Central Florida area.

Please feel free to contact us at for more information.